With Avallen you can enjoy a deliciously refreshing drink - without giving the planet a hangover! Every bottle made removes 2.73kg of CO2e from our atmosphere (without external offsetting). That’s the equivalent of driving 21 km in an average car - keeping our planet as crisp as your drink!

How? Because apples grow on trees, which act as powerful carbon sinks, helping us combat climate change by locking up CO2 in their wood and roots!

Bee More, Bee Avallen

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Steph, Tim and The Bees

What is Avallen? Well, it’s the delicious moment when flavour and sustainability converge!

Avallen is a floral, fruity, and completely natural Calvados. Apples are the heart and soul of Avallen, with 40 different varieties used from 300 different orchards. We love apples so much, even our labels are made from them!

Produced entirely in the West of Normandy, Avallen is aged for two years in French oak before being bottled with no added sugar, caramel or boisé. In a category dominated by old-fashioned producers, Avallen represents a younger, fresher and more apple-filled future, with the health of our planet at its core.

Appealing to everyone from gin drinkers when served long with tonic, to those who enjoy their spirits brown, or even fruity cocktail fans, Avallen is perfect for mixing, as a refreshing spritz, or simply for sipping.

Avallen is made from nothing but real apples, water and time...

With no added sugar, minimal processing, and fiercely protected biodiversity within the orchards, the very things that make Avallen planet-positive also make it taste lush. A win for planet and palate!


Fresh apples with floral honeysuckle


A lingering toffee apple finish


Richly warming with a hint of vanilla custard

Fig 001 – Taste Profile
Fig 002 – Bee Positive

So what are we doing for the bees?

We are a proud supporter of 1% for the Planet via which we donate revenue from every bottle of Avallen sold to a series of charities around the world that are championing the protection of bees, the restoration of their habitats, and the ban of harmful neonicotinoids.

Planting flowers

Our first goal is to plant 10,000 flowering plants by 2022 thanks to our amazing flower-powered Beeboms as well as restoring wild meadows at the distillery in Normandy!


From blossom to bottle, we examine every aspect of our process, challenging ourselves and our industry to “BEE MORE” – more than a refreshing drink, more than a great cause, more than a neutral impact.

Powered by blockchain and open data, we work alongside PROVENANCE, a platform that gathers and shares key product information in a way that’s secure, trustworthy and accessible. Discover more about our transparent business practices and climate positive actions here.

Powered by blockchain and open data, we work alongside PROVENANCE a platform that gathers and shares key product information in a way that’s secure, trustworthy and accessible. Discover more about our transparent business practices here

Certifications and Awards

The Barcelona Cocktail Art Sustainability Spirits Award
The Spirits Business Awards 2019
World Calvados Awards 2020 World's Best Design
World Calvados Awards 2020 Specialty Award
The Drinks Business Green Awards 2019
The Spirits Business Master 2019
1 For the Planet certification
The drinks business
Certified B Corporation
Fig 003 – Bee Positive Tote

Check out our ‘Avallen Apparel’ collection in collaboration with Tee Mill to brighten up your day with our ‘Bee Positive’ 2020/21 range! All our t-shirts are made from organic, recycled & recyclable circular fibre and printed in the UK in a renewable energy-powered factory. We're not shy about our love for those fuzzy little winged warriors, show your love for them too with our fabulous range of tote bags, t-shirts and sweaters and help us save them

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Positively Charged is a series offering bite-sized chunks of curated and co-created wisdom with a single aim - to light up the sustainability conversation in the drinks industry using a balanced blend of expertise, creativity, and positivity.

Steph & Tim

Stephanie Jordan

Take one part France, one part Colombia and one part England, shake and strain and you get Stephanie Jordan, Avallen’s queen bee.

After forging a career at the world’s biggest spirits company as well as with small, independent wine and spirits businesses, Steph launched Drinking Out Loud, her own consultancy, and today works with some of the world’s most prestigious drinks brands.

Steph loves good cheese, Latin rhythms, regular yoga classes, and spending time with her family in the French countryside.

Tim Etherington-Judge

Hailing from the golden beaches of Cornwall, a region that shares a long connection with Normandy, Tim Etherington-Judge has had an extremely successful career in drinks. He has won awards as a bartender and held the role of global brand ambassador for a renowned whiskey brand. More recently, he founded Healthy Hospo, the hospitality industry’s leading health and wellness platform.

When not trying to save the bees, Tim can be found cycling, running, or generally doing as much sport as he can cram into his day.